I believe these days, most of us either have seen the power of retargeting or heard about it. Many of us have experienced and tested running retargeting campaigns and have blown away of its effectiveness. Some others have seen the cases and stats on it.


So I don’t want to waste of your time with facts about the effectiveness of retargeting ads, as I believe it is proven fact. My goal in this article is to open your eyes and show you only a few of many possibilities and opportunities about Facebook retargeting.




What is Retargeting and why you should care?

Imagine that a visitor get to your website and leave without buying anything. Then the cookie that you have placed in your website will get attached to your visitor’s browser (or in Facebook case to his Facebook account) and then you can show him one of your ads again, and try to convert him to a buyer. That’s it.


So it is very easy to understand and also run a retargeting campaign and actually make good ROI on it.


However, a common mistake is that a lot of people are comparing their retargeting ROI with their normal campaigns and are overwhelmed with the performance. The mistake is when you are happy with the performance of your retargeting ad and don’t want to explore new ways and campaigns.


What if I tell you that you are missing opportunities with your simple retargeting campaign and you can actually do much better!


Try the following campaigns and you’ll see why.


1- Sequential Retargeting

If you have a product with a long sales cycle or have a complex product, Sequential Retargeting would work great for you.


Here is an example campaign, I run for a long tail product:

First, I advertise a blog post on a relevant demographic audience. Then I retarget the visitor of that specific blog post with a video ad. And lastly, I retarget those who engaged to the video ad with the actual product.


This method is very similar to creation of sales funnel for email marketing and the flow of sequential emails based on the fact that somebody opened and clicked or not.  


2- Offer Change Retargeting

According to statistics, average conversion rate of ecommerce stores are 3%. This means 97% of your site visitors are not buying your product. There are several reasons that a visitor is not buying your product, and in order to convince them to buy your product or get a lead you need to create an offer for them.


However as different offers may match with different people, you should advertise rotate different offers to them.


For example, you can offer a discount first, then offer a free shipping, then a freebie + shipping, and etc.


3- Up-sell Retargeting

Convincing someone to buy a product from your online shop is a hell of job. It is a lot of time, energy, and money. You need to make a lot of efforts to offer something the customer need and also make them trust you. But once somebody bought a product, it means he trust you and when he trust you, it is easier to sell him again.


For this reason, the possibility of selling to an exisiting customer is much higher than selling to a new customer. The only thing is that you need to act smart, and offer something that they really would really need.


Here is a fact, according to adobe repeat buyer are likely to spent 5 times more than first time shopper.


4- Time-on-site Retargeting

If you have high bounce rate for any reason, it could mean a lot of your visitors are actually not interested in your products or store and close the page immediately. So if you want to retarget your visitors, there is a big chance that you show ads to many who are not actually interested in your product and this means your costs would go high.


There is a simple solution and a more advanced solution to this. The simple one is that Facebook has a feature that you can create an audience based on the time they spent on your site. Then you only retarget those who spent the most time on your time, and ignore those who closed the page immediately.


The simple solution might not be the best for everyone though. First some the Time-On-Site audience feature is a new feature and is not active on all yet. Second, you only target the top visitors, and cannot set the amount of they’ve spent.


The advanced solution is that, you can actually add a small script to your Facebook Pixel that fires the pixel with a few seconds delay. This way, all those irrelevant traffic won’t get into your retargeting audience.


5- Bulk Email Retargeting


If you happen to collect emails and leads for your newsletter or any other purpose (which many do) or have access to a bulk email list of potential customer, then you should retarget them. The people who subscribe to your newsletter or give you their emails like your store and products, and there is a big possibility they may buy something from you in future.


You just need to create a new custom audience > Customer File > Upload a file or copy/paste email or import from mailchimp. That’s it!



Facebook retargeting is very effective and can bring a lot of sales for your online store. But it is not limited to showing an ad to last 7 or 14 days visitors. There are several different campaigns and tactics you can use to retarget your potential customers and grow your business.


Don’t limit yourself to one simple retargeting campaign or even the above campaigns that I have mention. You should consistently come up with new ideas and campaigns that you can make.


As mentioned earlier, my goal in this article was to show you the opportunities you can explore. If you have more retargeting ideas, add it in the comment. I would love to hear new ideas and tricks.

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