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5 New Facebook Retargeting Campaign Ideas for Your Online Store

I believe these days, most of us either have seen the power of retargeting or heard about it. Many of us have experienced and tested running retargeting campaigns and have blown away of its effectiveness. Some others have seen the … Read More

How to Build Your A/B Test Macine

Never Stop A/B Testing What is A/B Testing? A/B testing or split testing is a quantitative experiment in which we try to compare two values of a variable. For A/B testing, we create a new variation (B) by changing one … Read More

People Do Not Buy Goods and Services. They Buy Relations, Stories and Magic

Seth Godin

6 Essential Steps of Digital Media Planning

How to Plan Digital Advertising Strategy   It happened to me a lot that I talk to people about digital advertising, and they complain how annoying the online ads are and irrelavant products are being advertised to them. That’s actually … Read More

Marketing Without Data is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed

Dan Zarrella

7 Rules of Online Media Buying

How I build successful mediabuying teams Through the past years, I happened to work with numerous people on online mediabuying and advertising, some juniors and some pretty senior. My ultimate goal was trying to help them to make their campaigns … Read More